Web developer resume writing tips

Working in a field of web-developing these days means enjoying the perspective and growing labor market. Moreover, in the next seven years, it is going to grow by 15%. People, working in this field in the United States get $69 thousand on average per year. All this speaks about attractive tendencies and describes why so many people are trying to get a job here. However, one thing often holds them from getting the desired job – the lack of a properly crafted resume.

Creating a perfect Web developer resume requires an understanding of the position and using related keywords. Employers are looking for papers with such keywords, so you should give them to catch attention. Such keywords can be found in the job description, in the description of the company, etcetera. There is no explanation of where to find keywords, they just should provide the essence of the professional sphere, show a clear understanding of the context.

The process of web development is divided into stages. In the classical model, a web-specialist joins the process after designing a website, forming creative concepts, preparing multimedia materials. This goes but before testing and opening a resource. However, in non-classic models, the developer often independently surveys the customer in order to determine the full range of needs. Such activity can include designing the site, drawing up a technical assignment, writing interfaces, providing content diversity. Candidates should mention the qualities needed to perform the above processes.

Describing responsibilities

When crafting a resume, applicants provide information about their previous responsibilities in other companies. It makes sense to provide information only about relevant activities here. Thereby, learn the responsibilities in the position, including trend information. Web developer accompanies or carries out the product’s creating at all key stages:

• Obtaining and clarifying goals and objectives

• Formation of the software component of the resource

• Testing and correction of defects

• Presentation and launch of the web product.

Already at the design creating a stage, you need to understand what parts of the task you can solve by replacing templates and a combination of ready-made solutions, and where you have to write code from scratch. Therefore, the responsibility of the programmer is also to communicate with the customer, project managers, designers, marketers, etcetera. When a web programmer needs to fix vulnerabilities and errors on a ready-made web product, he should be able to figure out the code of other specialists. The same requirement is preserved if the specialist works with a team of colleagues, each of whom is responsible for their own module. This skill is necessary, even if there is no such requirement in the job description (because this may arrive in an emergency situation).

After completion of the main stage of work, the web programmer should conduct all kinds of website (or other web product) checks. In large companies, this is done together with the tester, in smaller ones, if there is no such position in the firm, developer works independently. This stage can touch everything - from changing fonts to the functioning of the live chat. If there are any errors here, the specialist should fix them. Also (if this is in the contract with the customer), the duties include further maintenance of the web-resource and preservation of its correct work. As you can see, this stage of work is long-working and sometimes stressful. Don’t forget to indicate your great stress resistance and ability to be effective in long-term projects.

Giving an employer the desired

Writing a resume is not about telling what things candidates want from the job position. Many of them confuse writing resumes with writing objectives section. However, this paper is not about what you want from the desired job, but about what can you give to the firm, working on a specific position.

Ideal web programmers should be able to carefully listen and understand the customer. You need psychological stability and communication skills to make this successfully. The specialist needs to clarify the nuances and provide details of the functionality, which already requires attention to details. In order to satisfy all client requests on time, he should be a disciplined and punctual person. Also, if you want to be able to create great web-products, creative and critical thinking needed. Most of the job positions provide information about the desired knowledge of web languages.

It is important to know how to make a resume correctly. The pressure on one vacant place is huge, so there are always many applicants with unique abilities and skills. Candidates need to be active to win here. One of the ways to tell about yourself and provide the most correct information that could interest a potential employer (or HR specialist) is a correct and competent Web developer resume. This will allow not only to be ahead of everyone else but also increase real chances, ensuring the availability of a vacancy.

The resume should be of an optimal size because long texts can be lost. Don’t “overload” an HR person with information. When providing a resume, you should not invent new skills, or write about any unfinished courses, achievements that did not exist in reality. Be maximally realistic to provide a good impression. You should be able to prove any data from your summary. Making up your resume, aimed to a particular position, it is not necessary to indicate all your parallel achievements. Focus only on relevant information and use proper keywords. Correctly recall all the necessary dates or names of organizations - only that matter. Since you need to provide the reason to hire you, all relevant achievements should be in the tops of the document.


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